This blog is a virtual meeting  place for people and organizations helping to collect medical supplies and humanitarian aid for Ukraine.


The idea for cooperation between  Western Pennsylvania medical professionals and  the International Rehabilitation Center “Maidan Hospital” was initially formulated by Dr. Alexander Kirichenko of the Allegheny Health Network and his wife Alexandra Kirichenko,  who is an UCOWPA  board member.  During their recent visit to Ukraine they met not only  their relatives in Berdyansk, a port city in the Zaporizhia Oblast’ that survives under the threat of the Russian invasion, but also with medical professionals who are saving lives of wounded soldiers and civilians in under-equipped  community hospitals and struggling to organize both physical and psychological rehabilitation for their patients.  Hundreds of thousands of  Ukrainians are going through traumatic war experiences,  grief,  and displacement in a country without well-developed psychiatric care and rehabilitation medicine. Ukrainian health system has to undergo rapid but time consuming changes in order to comply with the current situation. Nevertheless,  grass-root charitable organizations like the International Rehabilitation Center “Maidan Hospital” are providing much needed care and medical supplies directly to Ukrainian hospitals and military medical units without waiting for reforms in the health care system to be completed.

HOW IT WORKS:          

Cooperation with the International Rehabilitation Center “Maidan Hospital” gives  us an opportunity to help Ukraine in very practical way. “Maidan Hospital” provides a list of needed medical supplies.  UCOWPA organizes the collection of charitable, tax deductible donations. Our Special Committee for “Maidan Hospital” includes medical professionals and activists led by Chair Alexandra Kirichenko, is obtaining requested supplies and ships them to Ukraine. “Maidan Hospital” delivers  supplies directly to Ukrainian medical centers and medical units in the war zone.

Also, UCOWPA organizes the network for Ukrainian doctors, rehabilitation specialists and social workers providing them with information about the latest care and rehabilitation approaches, treatments, medications and psychological support for wounded soldiers, veterans, grieving families and refugees from the war zone.


  • Donate to the project: write a check to UCOWPA  with the note “Maidan Hospital” and send it to UCOWPA, P.O.Box 13465, Pittsburgh, PA, 15243-3465. Donate online at http://ucowpa.org/node/74 
  • Post your ideas for where we can obtain donations of medical supplies and equipment, even if older models.
  • Volunteer as a translator for the instructions and operating manuals for donated supplies and equipment.
  • If you are a professional with experience in the relevant field, write an article to share your knowledge  with our Ukrainian colleagues (we will provide the translation), or simply recommend informational sources on the web that can be useful.

Uniting All Ukrainians of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania  medbat-org-ua     SHPYTAL-top-logo1



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